What do we do?

By now we both have significant experience in understanding both individual or organisational / community ‘personalities’, conducting audits or project reviews and developing creative, collaborative learning environments. We always aim to ask ‘the question behind the question’ and expose the deeper, often inherited systemic shape behind any enquiry rather than simply suggest answers to a presenting problem.

Building on years of teaching, training and interpreting challenging situations with groups of 5 to 5000, today our expertise is in helping people, businesses and social organisations to process change effectively. We particularly aim to align the details of any specific change management project with the background cultural, social and worldview shifts usually unconsciously affecting us all.


Both able to search out, assimilate and analyse information, we consider the overall historical, social and cultural shifts taking place as Roger continues with post-doctoral research and writing. In that context, we gather specific historical and developmental information concerning a person, project or organisation. Sue has great experience in creative questioning (writing questionnaires for both qualitative and quantative evaluation) to develop a clear ‘personality profile’ or review of the project in discussion. Our particular purpose is to develop and test an inclusive, love-based approach to community relations throughout the various spheres of society.


We read, listen and analyse responses succinctly and, drawing on years of coaching experience backed by tools such as the ‘motivational gifts’ outlines, we identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the people, gifts and talents available as well as evaluating other resources.


The present is always formed by the past and any future must be drawn in a realistic, developmental trajectory. So on the basis of the past process, the present gifts, talents and dreams, we make suggestions of the potential ways ahead for people and organisations to transition effectively.


We are glad to follow through with people and projects as they process ongoing change, facilitating a flexible approach and interpreting stress responses, analysing mindset changes and encouraging further reflection and development.


From time to time we host learning, as a more interactive and effective tool to conferencing, for people to consider their own journeys through change with others in a similar process.


Though these skills are effective in any personal or organisational change management, we have particular experience in certain fields. With a background in mainstream and alternative education, Sue is especially effective in reviewing and refreshing delivery of educational or other training provision. Her main expertise is developing targeted interventions for pupils educated other than at school. Roger is highly motivated and appreciated in personal coaching of senior executives, initiators and other inventive, creative but time-pressured people, who benefit from his broader, longer term view of change and his careful research of trends and patterns.